Its unique design is crafted with natural walnut wood and is hand crafted.
Some of these have terrible audio even if they are inexpensive.
Audiophiles will not be amused by the sound but casual listeners will take the imperfections in their stride.
It also has built in micro USB cables that serve as antennas and get excellent radio reception.
Pros It provides excellent value for money.From adults to kids, everybody will love this versatile little talent.A mode button is placed on the side to select which input the speaker is playing from.It even streams music and radio services such as Pandora and Spotify.It comes with a wired microphone.You can connect USB card directly and play music off.

But at this price, we cannot complain.
In terms of connectivity, this Bluetooth speaker with radio is future-proof.
This is a dust-, shock- and waterproof speakers.You can own this hi-end looking speaker at a more affordable number.Many people have posted good experience with this speaker.The speaker can play without power cords as long as the battery stands out.SD card also plays well with equal clarity.A heart button on the top face allows you to set 5 favorite internet radio stations.A USB slot is available for connecting a USB stick.Pros It is a compact unit that is user-friendly with excellent construction and detailing.

Aesthetics: Since portable speakers can be placed in your living room and car dashboards, we selected the cool-looking ones including some antique designs that go with subtle decors.