The live tape recordings that form the basis of these CDs were made in the 1970s and 1980s, but the music and atmosphere captured in the recordings certainly well represent the post-World War II milieu.
A History of Early Cajun Music in the 'Lake Area' of Southwest Louisiana billion dollar lottery winner dies Description: The Louisiana Folklife Center at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana, has published an article by fiddler and historian Ron Yule, "A History of Early Cajun Music in the 'Lake Area'.
Digital Transfers by Joe Kopacz.La Louisianne Records from Lafayette leased its 2 lps of Nathan's recordings from the 1970s to Ace Records of Great Britain, available as Nathan Abshire: The Great Cajun Accordionist.You can hear a great version of this tune on the Varise Conner cd mentioned up above.Rumors and myths abound.He's a vagabond, a good for nothing, a Louisiana French prodigal son, thinking of mom and pop and his own foolishness for ever having left home.Varise Conner remembers his friendship with Fuselier in a touching interview on the Louisiana Folk Masters.Tout l'monde sus l'plancher pour un bon temp!Southwest Louisiana is known for flavorful fare and hot music, and this festival gives you a taste of both.They were the first Cajun band to play the bandstand standing up, first to use amplification in their dances.Oscar "Slim" Doucet, the accordion player, does two songs here with a man named Chester Hawkins on guitar: Waxia (Wauksha) Special (reprised in splendid fashion by Les Freres Michot on their new CD La Roue qui Pend!

Pas rien a rien, juste a elle faisait, c'etait, euh, peinturer ses ongles de doigts, les shine et puis shine ses ongles d'orteils.
No easy street or poker online blog gravy train, just better than Depression days and lonesome years in the War.
Malheureuse Moi j'm'en vas dedans les ch'mins Moi j'm'en vas manche a manche Avec la jug au plombeau J'ai eu z'un bon temps Moi j'connais, malheureuse Mais moi j'm'en vas, ye yaille!Creole Stomp, Lacassine Special, and the Cajuns' Waltz feature the modern dancehall lineup with steel guitar and drums.Many of his songs became standards or well known songs in the Cajun and Creole canon, sometimes with different names, as shown here.Alors, allons voir comment ca, ca va s' tourner avec les jolies filles de Courtableau et puis moi.Fusilier moved to Lake Arthur so that he could play with Varise Conner, and they played dances during some of the leanest days of the Depression.Moi qui te dis je peux remercier Le Hadacol a Nonc Dudley Si tas des douleurs mais tout partout Dans tes jambes et dans ton cou Si tas besoin des vitamins Le Hadacol peut le mettre within Si les docteurs tont decomptes Y a une.Sparkle; Mon Favori Waltz like Valse de Grand Bois; Au Revoir Cherie like Evangeline Special; Le Nuit Samedi like the Valse de Samedi au Soir; Ne Buvez Plus Jamais like J'etais au Bal; Valse de Baldwin like Chere Alice; etc.J' voudrais m' marier La belle veut J' voudrais m' marier Mais les vieux veut pas Hey!Recommended: For my taste, this CD is one of the best Cajun releases of recent years!

I post them here as a labor of love without gain and with no wish to cut into any else's profit.
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