We also sell a wide variety of Pull-Tab games and have an ATM on-site.
(Full Story Photos) 2019 Fiscal Year Operational and Administrative Officers.
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Doors open at 5:00 PM and the first game will start at 7:00.
Game sheets are only valid if the serial number is readable.A regular Bingo is five (5) in a row (Horizontal, Diagonal, and Vertical).Monitors and flashboards are here for you convenience.Ink daubers must be used to mark your cards.Once won, it starts over again with 50 balls for 500.00. .1, we are located 1-mile north of Quantico Marine Corp Base on the left hand side where the.No gambling or side bets allowed during the Bingo game.Light the Way for Our Veterans.Units arrived on the scene to find a medium duty truck on its side with one patient with minor injuries.All of our games are in accordance with the VA Department of Charitable Gaming Rules and Regulations.

The Progressive Game is a coverall game starting with 50 balls for 500.00; it progresses free slot machine casino king kong by 1 ball and 100.00 each week that it is not won.
However, our rules prohibit children under the age of 14 in the hall while Bingo is in progress.
If you have a Bingo, yell loudly to get the callers attention.
An individual may save a maximum of four seats at their table including their own.Auxiliary 7589 Patriotic Art Contest winner for 2017-18 takes 5th place at National.The ball takes precedence over the caller.Under Virginia gaming laws, Instant Bingo pull tabs are strictly forbidden to minors.The fire was extinguished with great cooperation from all units! The Regular session follows and typically begins between 7:45.m 8:00.m.Please place all of your trash in the trash can upon leaving for the night.No extra or exchange of papers will be made.First arriving units advised that the patient was out of the vehicle.