As you gain more skill and confidence with blackjack card counting, you can graduate to the more advanced systems.
Basic Blackjack Strategy can reduce the Casinos edge down to just.5!
The use of basic strategy will cut the house advantage against the player to the minimum.
Many players simply dont play in casinos often enough to maintain their counting skills, and do not have the time to practice sufficiently for their occasional casino trips.In this way, the count will very seldom reach negative numbers.Keep an Adequate Bankroll, many novice card counters have no idea just how much money it initially takes to survive the variance of card counting.The systems power represented less than 40 of the betting gain that could be obtained with the standard Hi Lo Count in the same game.The Insurance Bet Basic strategy recommends not taking insurance, but card counting sometimes indicates an insurance advantage for the card counter.The OPP Count is such a radical simplification of traditional card counting methods that I wanted to see more data before publishing the system.It is a running count system requiring no math at the tables, and its even easier to use than the Red Seven.The following results compare the OPP with the Hi Lo Count with a similar 1-to-16 bet ramp.
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For example, the Red Seven Count developed by Arnold Snyder has the same card values as the balanced Hi-Lo Count, but assigns a value of 1 to the red sevens, creating an imbalance of 2 per deck.
See the betting advice below in the.
If someone gets a blackjack and the dealer pays him and places his cards in the discard try, subtract one from your running count.
Then, as each player plays his hand, simply add the total number of low cards.
Low cards are considered any 2, 3, 4, 5,.The OPP count does exactly that: It is a very simple method to learn and use that will give you results comparable to the Hi Lo Count.(Both systems were tested using basic strategy only.) OPP Hi Lo Player edge with bet ramp.6359.7723 Average bet (in units).907.547 As shown in the table above, the new system has a betting power equivalent to 82 of the standard.The second column is the recommended bet in betting units.In order to have an accurate counting system there must be a strong relation between the count and the players advantage.And the third and fourth columns show the bet in dollars for 5 or 10 units.When I first read his method, I didnt doubt that an amateur could learn it very quickly, but it wasnt clear to me whether it would have much value in comparison with more traditional counting systems where we always weigh the high cards versus the.For playing shoe games in the US, a back-counting strategy would likely be more advisable (and more profitable) than a 1-16 spread.About the highest possible edge a counter can expect to realistically achieve is 2, which isnt exactly a huge edge.Players in the US or elsewhere must always bear in mind the heat factor.