Also allows Mario to walk on other Clouds.
Sun, Gasses, sunglasses, level 1 2, heart, Letter, love Letter.
Boo Mushroom Boo Mario A mushroom that gives Mario the the ra material book 2 power of intangibility, and also allows him to float in the air with button taps.
(Exclusions apply to selected products).Super Mario Galaxy riverboat casino in metropolis il 2, known as, super Mario Wii 2 in South Korea, is a 3D action platformer game for the.Shigeru Miyamoto noted, "Really what we ended up with is more than 90 of what you'll see in Galaxy 2 is brand new.7 CEO of Nintendo America Reggie Fils-Aime stated that Super Mario Galaxy 2 would be more challenging regarding its predecessor.Staff Main article: List of Super Mario Galaxy 2 staff General Producer Producers Director Music References to other games Super Mario Bros.You can read our full returns policy here.

Super Mario 64 : The slider theme from this game is used for Tall Trunk Galaxy and Rolling Coaster Galaxy.
All releases of the game except for the American version include a beginner's DVD to help players understand the controls and items if they haven't played.
Multiplayer from the original Super Mario Galaxy reappears, but in addition to being another star cursor, the second player is a Co-Star Luma.
Contents Story General Giant Bowser Super Mario Galaxy 2 is "another story of stardust".
Please note the following exclusions: DVD's and CD's cannot be returned unless they are faulty.Help:Media Having trouble playing?Power Up Locations - Only appear in Star battlegrounds bonus codes 1 - Only appear in Star 2 - Only appear in Comet Star Yoshi and Fruits These are Yoshi's powerups and the locations they are in, along with the locations that Yoshi himself.Also allows Mario to stick to honey walls, and give him the ability to walk on flowers and clouds.Super Mario Galaxy 2 features ways to help players during gameplay similar to the Super Guide mode seen in New Super Mario Bros.Wii U 's, nintendo eShop service.