There is a rebet button in the software that will immediately place the last wager back on the felt.
If not its an easy fix to download the latest Adobe Flash update and start rolling.
Wanna know a secret?
If you think a hardway four is "due" you can bet, for example, "5 2 2 hop".Online craps is limited to just a handful of software providers led by Microgaming, Playtech and NetEnt. .One of the major upsides of online craps is the game plays (more or less) exactly as it does in a live casino.The pass line is the most common choice for players.

These are side bets on a new number after the point is established.
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You also have a full battery of deposit and withdrawals options to fund your online account.Also, make sure your favorite casino pays 30:1 on hard way hops.Thankfully, though, there is an optimal strategy to craps so once you learn which bets to make to reduce the house edge the most, the table doesnt look quite so intimidating.(If youre playing on your own table online, this is just a new roll by the same player) If any of the six other numbers (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10) is rolled on the Come Out roll that number becomes the Point number for.Online Craps Bonus If youre looking at online craps as a way to clear any welcome or deposit bonus you can expect an average of 10-20 i want to win money zippy weighting towards any bonus clearing.Craps place bet odds 4 and 10: 9-5 5 and 9: 7-5 6 and 8: 7-6 Craps buy bet odds A buy bet offers the same odds as the pass line, which is the true possibility of the bet winning.