Weighing in.5 grams they not only feel good but sound great as well.
The chips themselves are made from a the game poker clay composite and are very durable making them some of the best poker casino louisiana i 10 chips to buy.
Click here to see description.However, no poker night can do without a comfortable table, cards, and of course poker chips.No chip is true clay anymore.One of the coolest aspects about any of these games is that you can plan an entire evening around them.Not that if you get a heavier set it will be bad, in fact most good sets come in this weight or a little heavier even, it just wont have the same feel as the major casinos and tournaments use.The case itself leaves a little to be desired though.If you'd like the case to have an air of prestige, be sure that it comes with a felt interior.If you simply want a higher quality nice poker chips than you are currently using, these are for you!These chips remain a no-risk way to enjoy card-playing in a private setting.A Quick List of Games That You Can Play With a Set of Poker Chips.

I know for me, look and feel are very important and with these I get both.
Cheers, Jim, best Poker Chip Reviews, the Da Vinci Casino Del Sol Best Poker Chips Review.
They have a nice feel in your hand too.
Very stack-able and feel great in your hand.
Make no mistake, when you take this set to play with your friends they will notice a difference!Household casino-chip sales have spiked over the past 10 years, due in large part to online betting being outlawed in the United States.And a quality and classy humidor can even enhance the gaming atmosphere in your room and provide you and your friends with cigars during long tournaments.Back in the day they did use 100 clay chips but found them to be too soft and easily broken.Making them the best poker chips for the money.In addition, there are international variations on the game, including Danish Poker (Mousel Chinese Poker (Pepito and Russian Poker (Pusoy).