He has finally commented via Vimeo.
Barry: You are both essentially sponsored players at this point, did that come about because of the podcast or vice versa?
Some smart guys recognised that a few years ago.
The guy who ran it said the worst thing you can do with a restaurant is rebrand from a diner to a fancy restaurant, because everybody who wants burgers doesnt want fancy food and everyone who wants fancy food doesnt associate your restaurant with that.David: There is a boutique feel, I like to think people really look free casino games free spins forward to the return of the Chip Race.When we started talking to Unibet their initial focus was on our blogs which were getting a lot of attention at the time and also the fact we were prominent players in Ireland.Unibet is not affiliated or connected with any mobile brand.My memory was we told them we did this popular podcast in the past and they did some investigation and after seeing how popular it was they wanted to bring it back.We like to see the numbers go up, its nice to get a Phil Hellmuth interview, but even with that Ive seen a hundred Hellmuth interviews, he gives a stock interview, he did not give us a stock interview, we talked about his childhood, his.In this great interview with CardPlayer Lifestyle, Robbie Strazynski goes one-on-one with Phil Hellmuth ahead of the launch of his new autobiography The Poker Bratwhich Hellmuth hopes will become a New York Times Bestsellerto really find out the man behind the famous name.Dara: The reason why Unibet are the sponsors of the podcast was because we are Unibet Ambassadors.Most people listen to our show all the way through, retention is very important to us, even when we have a show where the guest is not as big we still have a core number we dont go below.Andrew Brokos of the Thinking Poker Podcast and they have a strategy section at the start and an interview after, the amazing thing is everybody listens to the strategy but not everybody listens to the guest.Weve managed to avoid any major gaffes.There is a pragmatism towards.

Unibet has announced that the Poker Princess, Molly Bloom, whos Hollywood high stakes poker game was the subject of the Oscar-nominated and critically acclaimed film Mollys Game will be their special guest!
You need to see it to believe it!
I wouldnt want to grow the show ten times but it be rubbish.Also we like to use that time off to reflect on how we are doing.On the other aspect it definitely helps to be seen as a credible player, not least because it makes it easier to get guests.Dara: At the time Unibet werent licensed in Ireland so that was a particular concern, we couldnt come back new orleans lottery winning numbers and have just an Irish audience because that would deliver no value to Unibet."unibet" is a registered trademark.