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If you do not see this button, then that spin doesn't count and you won't win the reward that is displayed.
We understand this is frustrating, but, unfortunately, play free slot machines online konami some bugs/glitches are bound to happen in any game.If you have any issue or did not receive your prize, please refresh the page as this should fix the issue.How Spin and Win works, each day, when you log in, a Spin and Win window will appear in the game.You can also buy further Spins by spending Coins or Tickets.Characters which you can choose for a better jumping performance.Submit a request, return to top, related articles.On the Spin you can get one of the following rewards: Locations from which you can jump.13 out of 14 found this helpful.You can see in the following picture that whenever you actually complete a spin, a collect button will appear in the bottom of the screen.You then pull the lever and wait for the best!This should help the game run more smoothly.Unfortunately, this is actually a visual glitch that may happen with any high prizes (25k coins, King Cue, etc).

You get back to your account and you noticed your balance is the same.
You will get one Free Spin every day.
Coins which you can use on the Spin.
25k coins with one spin, that's really lucky!
This is mainly related to connection issues or even background applications on your device, so always check your internet connection and see if everything is working properly.Jumps that you can change in order reach all the coins.You try your luck with a spin and, all of a sudden, this is what you see: Can you imagine!We try to fix these as soon as possible and are currently working on this one.What happened to the coins?!

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