gambling habit stories

Read Ludomaniac's story, clinton 02/10/18.
But what scared Mary most was that she couldnt or that she didnt know how.
But I knew I still had plenty of reserve waiting in the parking garage.
I started gambling how to win on pot of gold slot machine when I was 18 and now I'm going to be 44 years old in December.Footballers are taking out payday loans to fund gambling addictions, says the Sporting Chance clinic.The feelings of regret were so heavy, chased with the reminder I was losing my wife who I still was very much in love with.My days without them all I could think about was heading down to Hollywood.Same old story walking back.Why wont he get help?With every loss I became more desparate to win my money back because my husband had no idea how much money I was losing.

My visits with the kids were really tough because they were in my home that I had left.
Within four days, I had overdrawn my bank account and they closed it out.
As I sit here today I'll tell you I haven't gambled a dime since April 23rd (last month).My whole life felt as if it were falling apart.It was a good time.At this point in my addiction, and this newfound horrible luck, 5k lasted about an hour.After tallying it all up, adding and subtracting money in my bank account and the cash I had I, I was a couple hundred short.I was on auto-pilot, she says.I switched tables, switched betting patterns, but nothing was working.