Numbers of all countries of the world will be suitable, including Ukraine, Kazakhstan, America, Canada, and many others.
This will give you 50,000.
There will be SIM cards installed in your equipment, their numbers are sold on our service.
Type the code into that box, and press enter.
Type more exclamations and semicolons for moremoney each enter.Payback time of the equipment : month.Go to Date and Time(in General) and change the year(you can change the day and month, but the year works best).Then type rosebud (the colons and semi-colons are important).Then type motherlode in the white box at the top of the screen and press enter, it gives you a ton of money.this adecco service bonus will get you 50,000 -repeat this action as you wish.(more press shift, ctrl, c and alt at the same time, a cheat box will come.Quick start: upon the availability of the equipment, you can start earning money on the same day 24/7 support service on Telegram and Skype, as well as setup via TeamViewer.

Note: Clicking the minus will not delete the game from your device!
Rosebud Gives Â1,000 move_objects on Allows you to move any object map_edit on Lets you alter the buildable area map_edit off Exits map edit mode and resumes game interests Display a Sim's interests water_tool Create water areas grow_grass (0-150) Makes grass grow in brown areas.
The semicolon allows you to input fun free slot games great blue multiple codes, and the exclamation mark puts in the last code you did.(more to open the cheat box, push Ctrl Shift.This rarely happens as well.Then once you open the cheat window for 1,000 simeoneans type in kashing, and for 50,000 simeloneans type in motherlode.And also to a large number of modems you need USB HUB.0.Get loads of simoleons (keep pressing enter, or just hold it watch your money wizz.) move_objects on move everything, even alberta gaming casino volunteer objects in use or sims- quik way to clean up rubbish.While playing a household press Ctrl Shift C at the same time (ignore the pluses).Check out m/ for more cheats and downloads.Keep pressing enter over and over, and you should have millions in a few minutes.

) sim who knows money cheats.
SIM cards replaced once every:.
U press enter AND your money will fill.