Anti-Semitism as a charge must be judiciously invoked, lottery price if for no other reason than it devalues those actual instances.
And follow the leader is what.
The gifted filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl was on Hitlers payroll.
Despotic Arab and Muslim countries for decades have lacked the rule of law, political plurality, and cage and/or murder dissidents while denying women and minorities equal rights (see Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, to name a few). .Foxman might be on to something.Occupied Palestine is longstanding code for the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, in other words, the state of Israel.Waters is that success in the arts usually isnt a transferable skill and that sometimes, when combined with ego unbound and lack of critical thinking, can make an accomplice of the most well-meaning.Human Rights Council, the globe's top watchdog for calling out human rights violations, includes many member states with horrific human rights records.Waters drew a harsh rebuke from Abe Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League.Pablo Picasso was an ardent communist and a sometime friend of Moscow in the era of the murderous Stalin, one of the worst mass killers in modern history.Your single-minded obsession with trying to convince others to boycott the Jewish state, while ignoring the worlds true human rights violators, must be driven by something other than a guilty conscience, Foxman wrote.What do you get for pretending the danger's not real/.North Korea starves its population, while Iranian leaders call for the annihilation of Israel.BDS calls the Israeli government an apartheid regime.Please join me and all our tuchman poker brothers and sisters in global civil society in proclaiming our rejection of Apartheid in Israel and occupied Palestine, by pledging not to perform or exhibit in Israel or accept any award or funding from any institution linked to the.

A former national correspondent for, hearst, newspapers, Rosenberg is a public affairs executive in Washington,.C.
Waters is unaware of the not-so-hidden agenda of the organization and its adherents.
Their lesson for.After all, its been a while since he penned the song Sheep in which he sings of people who wont or cant think for themselves.Several African nations resort to genocidal behavior with alarming regularity. .Gabriel Garcia Marquez extolled the virtues of a serial human rights abuser, Fidel Castro.But even if the extreme focus on Israel amid the calamity befalling Muslim nations - amid the dearth of human rights around the world - isnt anti-Semitism, it is certainly curious.Russia continues on a czarist trajectory.Roger Waters, the bassist and a lyricist for Pink Floyd, one of rocks greatest acts, is a high-profile poster child for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel, an organization embraced by the European and American left that advocates boycotting Israeli academics, culture, businesses and.