Player one will now have two copies of the magazine.
Father of the Month (20 points Give Katey a las vegas casino games news new construction gift.
(20 points Use every type of firearm on a zombie.Frank could also sell firearms to Cletus in this shop.Money appears in, dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and, dead Rising.(20 points Revive another player in Co-op.Tough Guy (20 points Collect all combo cards from psychopaths.Weapon combos and Combo Card locations Successfully complete the indicated task to get the corresponding Combo Card.Big Spender (20 points Spend 6,000,000 in Fortune City.(20 points Use every type of novelty weapon on a zombie.There is a Servbot mask and lawnmower outside.One magazine will reduce the prices in pawn shops by 10, thus eleven of them will reduce the price by 110, and twelve of them by 120.Blazing Aces (Tennis Racket Tiki Torch Save all four "Tape It or Die" members.Paddlesaw (Paddle Chainsaw Examine the "Paddle Party Massacre" movie poster in front of Slot Ranch Casino.

If the player continuously buys the SUV key over and over, receiving 400,000 profit each time, it's possible to amass millions in minutes.
The joining player must then leave the game without saving, and instead reload the previous save where they also have the magazines.
Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder (20 points Kill 53,596 zombies.
After you collect the three gambling books, go to the Slot Ranch Casino.You will need approximately six spray paints.Full Deck (20 points Collect all combo cards.To easily get a Queen, create and drink the Nectar juice (Orange Juice Orange Juice) to spawn a Queen nearby.Skip the opening cutscene to also advance past the "Terror Is Reality" section until your arrival at the emergency bunker.