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He's also been stealing the pictures on my friend's instagram stories as well, and passing them off as his own in his Line Play diary.
Not only that, but this person constantly lies and insists that my friend's selfies are his.
My friend has recently disabled his instagram account and he made a new private account, so none of his new photos should get out after today.
From what we gathered, he's been reusing the same pictures, and re filtering them too.Also, to everyone that has been catfished by this person (because we know there's a lot of you in Line Play who has if you suspect someone of being a catfisher, ask them for proof!Ask them to send you a picture of them in a unique pose (either holding something specific or a hand sign, or something like that)!Even more proof of him refiltering onto the original pics and even going as far as erasing the watermarks on it: g, these are the screenshots of my friend's convo on instagram: One and, two, and this: m/a/zzUtEIt, the catfisher is probably the same person.We're pretty shocked that this catfishing situation is still ongoing, so we just want to let you know that if you see my friend's pictures (especially on Line Play it's definitely a catfisher.If anyone has any questions and/or concerns about this, please contact us on here.If they try to avoid the topic or ignore you, it's definitely a catfisher.We were unsure since we had people coming up to us and saying that there were multiple people using my friend's pictures.Diary: one ) two ) three ) four ) five ) six slot king ).

The catfisher on Line Play claims to be 16, a girl (they tell different things to different people about their gender apparently and is supposedly creating/baiting people with ill intentions, either for money (this person has been known to have scammed money from people.
I posted this in the catfish reddit as well: Okay so, a few months back, I made another reddit post explaining the situation (here's the old link with pictures: ).
The catfisher still hasn't stopped cat fishing though.
Here are a few screenshots from their diary.
Please also note: My friend currently only has instagram, which is on private, if you see his old pictures elsewhere on another app, that's not him, and it's most likely the catfisher just reusing his old pictures.We have more than enough proof to verify things.Update: We found solid proof of the catfish even admitting to being a catfish: m/a/YyEPen6, bigger close up screenshot: g, these were taken when my friend tried to confront him directly about this a while ago.Completely laughable, as there are major red flags and signs that all point to this person being a serial catfisher.Just recently, my friend on instagram received a message from, supposedly, one of the catfisher's friends on Line Play.

Found proof/screenshots of a possible lead on his actual age: m/a/fiijomi, original post: I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post this here, but this issue has been going on for far too long and it's getting pretty tiring.
This catfisher should be obvious as he uses inconsistent filters (re-filtering the original pics way too much).