The world has changed, the night sky is filled with silver stars.
Just have fun Oh yeah, everything has changed, oh yeah, even the air is different today.
The lyrics is as follows.
Shower with bubbles (La La La La) It might only be once in my life My pressed down instincts are popping up (Instincts are popping up) What to do, I just hit the lotto (Just hit the lotto yeah oh) La La La La yeah.This day will be remembered once again.Im thirsty even now, theres still so much to give you.I dont need no money, I just need you.(No way no way no).I want you free play money template quarters so bad, put it all on me (Oh yeah).White Champagne (white Champagne on me).Lipstick, Chateau (Chateau Chateau all over yeah wine color (La La La La).Oh-oh-oh (Louder oh-oh-oh (Louder oh-oh-oh (Louder oh-oh-oh (Louder).Dont lose this moment, were going crazy, my lucky lady.(Yonkers, NY) Cruzado Dela Noche of Sweden, dismissed at 30-1 in the wagering, got up in the shadow of the wire to capture the 1-Million Yonkers International Trot on Saturday afternoon, October 13, at Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway.

# :07 AM link edit If I had won the lottery I would not want my name to be announced and I have good reasons.
# 146 Gilbert Bicaud 02:17 AM link edit If you can't set up a blind trust, change your name and claim wearing a disguise.
# 137 Ms KL 07:54 PM link edit hahaha i enjoy seeing dreamers saying "If i win the lottery i will." most of you guys sound really dumb already.
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# 24 sadderthansad 08:38 AM link edit The last thing I would want as a lottery winner is for you idiots to have my name.
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# 149 MsSafetyFirst 01:04 AM link edit I disagree with you completely.