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In case if you have any mutual fund question feel free to lotto winners story philippines add it in comment section.And people who can do it right dont ask for suggestions or tips they just research make their investments.You should understand that timing of market is not possible even by experts.Bonus Question Suggest Low Rish High Return Mutual Funds Answer Hmmm Hope you learned something out of this post.Charges depend on the type of fund size of fund you are investing into.

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Mutual Funds Vs Direct Equity how do you play the card game pyramid Question: I want to invest 2 lakh in share market for 10 year please suggest me best shares in infra, power, bank, fmcg?
However, the truth is that it does not make a dime of difference which option you choose, from the pure investment yield point of view.No Entry Load era so there are only annual charges that you have to pay.Does it reflect in the NAV we get against the amount investor pays?Check calculation of high and low NAV mutual fund.At the current share price of Rs 1169.95 this results in a dividend yield.06.Answer: Both equity real estate are growth asset class and will always beat inflation in long term by substantial margin.Low NAV is a gimmick used by agents to introduce you to new funds where their commission is higher.