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Click Image gambling habit stories to Enlarge, identify, know the value of, and compare the values of a penny, nickel, and dime.
School Store Click Image to Enlarge Interactive web lesson and practice on subtracting to make the correct change.
Money Flashcards Click Image to Enlarge Coins and bills, or just coins, are displayed and students determine the value.
Click Image to Enlarge, find the value of the coins.Click Image to Enlarge Find out if you have enough money to purchase the items.Through playing our money counting games, second graders will be able to engage and interact with coin counting and be immersed in a truly unique learning experience.Calculate the total amount of change the customer has and then think of a way to make.75 with as few coins as possible.Then, choose the correct amount of coins you need to pay for that item.Spending Spree Click Image to Enlarge Pick the item that you would like to buy.Click Image to Enlarge Online quiz that is self checking.Grandpa's Game Click Image to Enlarge Interactive web lesson and practice on counting money.Counting Change Click Image to Enlarge A Quia activity set on counting change with flashcards, matching, and concentration.

Occasionally values greater than.00 are displayed.
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A timer can also be turned on/off, and there is an option to compare amounts too.
This game has 10 questions.
Anker: Dollar and Cents (Set 2).Fruit Shoot Coins 2 Click Image to Enlarge Same game as above with the addition of quarters.Uses pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters.By the time students enter the second grade, they should already have a preliminary understanding of the monetary value of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.Unlimited amount of problems with no end.Turtle Diary's money counting games give second graders the practice they need to become experts at identifying coins, counting money, and calculating payments.