(July 15th 1964.40-10.25, ATV) Alan Dell on the theme toy slot machine youtube of mass adoration, particularly in the light of The Beatles.
They ask an old shepherd the way, then get more sense from a younger lad whose flute John attempts, badly, to play.
34 Home to Bethany Script: Stewart Farrar.
Derek Jewell on Jehovah's Witnesses.
The Obama phenomenon is a hoax carefully crafted by the captains of the New World Order.July 15th 1956: Water!At the start, they are in the noisy centre of Jerusalem, and drive to the Church of All Nations.Preb Douglas Owen discusses the church in new towns with the Bishop of Rochester.Narrated by Lindsay Anderson it included such diverse people as Henry Fonda, Bessie Love, Carl Foreman and Kingsley Amis.Dec 6th 1959: The First Six Months as a Bishop."The leader of Britain's biggest shipbuilding union and an executive of one of the biggest British yards pledge a new approach." The Worlds of Mr Wells (Granada TV) September 21st 1966,.45-10.45pm.Would it help if Britain disarmed?" Member of the Family (ATV) March 9th 1966,.40-10.25pm.Sept 28th 1958: St Therese of Lisieux.The current military nature of the area is not explained, but illustrated when a convoy of lorries passes our couple, who are escorted by your friendly native.

Context: Special Edition (Sept 22nd 1963) on The Vatican Council Second Session, introduced by Julian Grenfell.
The Challenge of Tribalism, filmed in Kenya, examines video poker for windows 10 the challenge of tribalism in a nation of over 8 million people and 40 different tribes.
The prisoner had been dead at sunset, he says.Depicting the contrasts in the city, the spires and tyres, undergraduate life and teeming industry.Anne tells him of her visit to Ein Karem, and the birthplace of John the Baptist.Narrator: Bernard Archard, with Lord Shawcross, Sir Christopher Steel, Airey Neave, Goronwy Rees, Terence Prittle, Prof Francis Carsten, and Gottfried Treviranus.The programme shared the slot with ABC's Living Your Life, and this latter programme made spasmodic appearances over the years, giving the About Religion team a break.