The American Academy of Paediatrics looked through 400 different studies and confirmed a strong link between aggressive behaviour and violent media.
There have been studies or rather observations conducted that suggest, gaming can actually help you become smarter, grow in your career and land that dream position or job.
Minecraft is an "open-ended video game that lets players build virtual houses and communities with a few simple keystrokes according to Slate Magazine.
Basically, they love gaming but they understand they have a business and life to run and thats what makes them successful.
I for one have found several instances of such ridiculous posts, probably from labyrinth card game grannies who never really got the chance to enjoy gaming as kids!This doesnt mean that we should all start pushing our elderlies towards gaming or introduce Call of Duty to a three-year-old!Some entrepreneurs, artists handheld slot games you can play offline and scientists believe that video games damage gamers by exposing them to violence.Bloomberg, indias Central Bank Signals Truce With Government.Bloomberg, china Stocks Valuations 'Too Attractive to Ignore Capital Dynamics CEO Says.However, now there is some science behind this growth and the positives of the industry too.Newspaper article, the Christian Science Monitor, by Hamilton, Meredith.And, yes, playing video games helped him get into programming.Did that lead into any programming to get to where you are now?".Or is it sheer coincidence.Yes, entrepreneurs, successful businessmen, artists and sportspersons all play video games, some even go as far as calling themselves gamers.

And, yes video games are beneficial in their own way and under particular limitations.
The Naysayers And Haters Unite, there is always another side to a story and while I dont personally support the views or conclusions drawn by the other side, it is worth exploring before saying.
In a study from Germany conducted in 2013, it was shown how playing Super Mario 64 for 30 minutes, two months, every single day led to an increase in grey matter.
All the research points towards several positive factors of gaming and the potential for growth.
However, others have seen the educational value in digital adventures.Bloomberg, nomura's Subbaraman Says Growth Slowdown in Asia Will Get Worse.Dont take my words, listen to what Jeremy Wilmer, a psychology assistant professor at Wellesley College says.Yes, there are studies that prove the negatives but there are equal studies to suggest improvement in cognitive abilities or the ability of the brain to store, retrieve and process information.Let me put forward my viewpoint.