Tali and Keenah land to investigate, and manage to disable a geth unit and successfully extract its memory core, which contains a recording of two individuals discussing an attack on the human colony of, eden Prime and the coming of the, reapers.
7 8 According to Chris Priestly, Tali was almost not included in Mass Effect 3 as a full squadmate.
Depending on whether or not she was exiled, she's either one of the Admirals discussing the war or the Admiralty Board's "secret adviser" x lotto results powerball on the geth.Tali also offers some insight into the geth: why the quarians originally created them, how they rebelled, and how the neural network functions.When Tali is still not convinced, EDI tells her that the Normandy has benefited greatly from her expertise and that the quarians are a very intelligent race with an astonishing knack for engineering and technology.If Tali was not previously exiled from the fleet, the Admiralty Board appoints her as admiral in place of her father; otherwise, Tali lends her aid in secret.Tali reveals to Shepard that although she disliked Miranda, she respected her courage to defy her father and not let him control her life.References Edit "Tali Character Key" "Bioware Store: Tali'Zorah Statue Exclusive Edition".On the Presidium, after Tali's conversation with the turian clerk, Shepard can laud her for forgetting past grievances or encourage her to remind the turian of the past.Unable to return to their ship, Tali and Keenah stow away on a transport ship bound for the Citadel, where they hope to give the geth recording to the Citadel Council.

Tali and her team arrive to find Freedom's Progress eerily deserted, but with the security mechs activated.
Otherwise, their conversations end casually, indicating that the two are simply friends.
Tali reunites with Shepard when the Normandy joins the quarians in the war against the geth.
She remarks the SR-2 is "harder" to perform, asking if that makes it better or worse.
Though it is heavily encrypted and might take years to decipher, it is a perfect gift for her Pilgrimage.Next to his bed, Shepard finds a picture of Tali without her mask.In this scene and this scene alone, her knife uses the model of a broken Phantom sword.If Shepard merged organic and synthetic life, after placing the Commander's name on the Memorial Wall Tali shares a hug with EDI.She apparently got an omni-tattoo/omni-tat/omni-too at Jack 's suggestion, if the psychotic biotic is around.

Legion maintains that it is merely warning the geth of the threat they face from the quarians' tests and their plans to attack the geth.
If Shepard dances with the group, the guests then comment on the Commander's unique dancing technique.