A poker night can be an excellent opportunity for networking and to become the hero at the office.
If council bluffs poker tournaments its hot, consider having a cooler with cold drinks or a table set up with some snacks and beverages.
Click here to get a set.We provide free high quality entertainment and friendly competition to all players without monetary risk.Indicate w hat style of poker will be played on the initial invitation (i.e.Elk viewing and guided elk tours are available seasonally.However, in the winter, it can be challenging.If your having any more than a handful of guys, youre going to need more chips.This is especially great for groups that dont know each other as it offers an ice breaker and opens up the lines of communication.Having a communal lighter or two is a wise idea).Limit tables to a maximum of ten players each and set up multiple tables if your guest count requires.Of course, you can offer a full bar, but if youre not interested in spending the money or losing the alcohol already in your collection, we suggest a few bottles of whisky, a bottle of vodka, a bottle of gin, a bottle of brandy, and.Because of this, simply having a bottle of Bombay Sapphire, Tanqueray or Gordons will do the trick.High adventure or relax and unwind - it's waiting for you at Southern Gap Outdoor Adventure!

Smoking, leaving the table, leaving the game, etc.).
Hiring a dealer is great for tournaments Gentleman-Only Games.
Since the games can last awhile, its best to offer food that will last through the night and food that can be snacked.Because of this, the use of a card shuffler is highly recommended.Click here to buy one today.Most men wont bring their own.If dinner will be served.Octagon Poker Table 355 If you plan to have multiple tables for a tournament or larger crowd, or you have limited space, this octagon table is a great option instead of the larger rectangular tables.

Since each style of rum is so unique, we recommend having the following: A dark, aged rum for sipping such as Diplomatico, Flor De Cana, or El Dorado.