poker table top diy

The first thing to understand is that you will be using three pieces of plywood.
The basic idea was to create what looked like a permanently installed poker at could be placed in the dining room on the existing table.
Turn it over foam side down and let dry for 15 minutes or more.
(picture 1 2). This makes a messy job easy to do single handedly. Then take your pencil and trace all of the cup holder holes onto the base sheet. (This is your nice piece of wood (and probably cost you more so you don't want to mess it up!).Start stapling at the middle of the curve.Make sure you allow full drying time between coats. As you can see, mine was approximately 2 1/4" from the rail (picture 4). Insert your jigsaw into your start hole.Start by stapling one straight edge.Using a straight edge, connect your two arcs making a straight line. It will save you a cut if you line up one side of the rail with one of the pre-cut edges of the foam. This is not for the light hearted, so make sure you understand what you need to do and then make your cuts with confidence (you can't go back after this).

No more kitchen-table poker for you.
Still it was an easy enough mistake to recover from.
Your Auto Trim (m) what is pick 5 lottery (3 yds) Whisper Vinyl (3 yds) Poker Speed Cloth, foam By Mail (m) (6 Ft) 2Lb Charcoal Volara Foam, x 60 (1 Sheet) Lux Regular Foam, 82x76x1.
I wanted a nice poker ouble. This is the piece that will hold everything together. (picture 1) Purchase the pad. (not shown) Glue the Volara Foam to the Insert.Use straight-edge to extend lines along length of sheet.Consider using an epoxy finish instead.

Place 1/4 foam centered on table-top and weight down one side.
 (picture 9) Trim the excess cloth.