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We know what its like because weve been there.
The Supper Club is a support group for families and friends who have lost a loved one as a result of drug and alcohol use.
Read an open letter to families A Devastating Loss by a Supper Club member.We have learnt that trying to control the intl lotto commission problem or change the person doesnt usually provide the desired outcome.Courses for 2018 Coburg Wednesdays 19th Sept 24th October.00.00pm 26 Jessie St, Coburg Geelong 2 day program Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th September.00am.00pm 25 Gordon Ave, West Geelong Carnegie Tuesdays 9th October 20th November (excluding Melbourne Cup Day, 6th November).00.I was unsure what would be provided and was amazed how specific it was to my needs (Its had) an enormous positive impact, personally it has enhanced all the relationships in my family, with my other children and also my husband I have experienced counselling.We hope you find them useful and inspiring.Pokies now allow users to bet on 50 or more lines, configured from the video display of five reels and three lines.How real are claims of poker machine community benefits?Edition Summer 2004 Newsletter 15 A Heros Journey edition Spring 2004 Newsletter 14 Managing Our Own Relapse edition Autumn 2004 Newsletter 13 Heroin edition Winter 2003 Newsletter 12 Language and Communication edition Spring 2003 Newsletter 11 Alcohol and Binge Drinking edition Winter 2003 Newsletter 10 Amphetamine.Our quarterly newsletter, inFocus Education Program, education Program.We invite you to attend or to refer people from your community who would benefit from this one of a kind program.BreakThrough provides information about what ice is, why people use it and why it causes problems for the individual, family and the broader community.It came from a social acquaintance who attended the forum with concerns about a family member.

Please click here for Support Group FAQs Please note that all support groups listed below will finish for the year in the week ending December 14, and will re-commence in 2019 as outlined in each group.
And the difference is profound.
This maths is at the heart of machine design.Why, then, are pokies so attractive?Winter 2010 Newsletter 37 Wisdoms: The Tree of Knowledge edition Autumn 2010 Newsletter 36 Holding on to Hope edition Summer 2009 Newsletter 35 Somethings Gotta Give edition Spring 2009 Newsletter 34 Helpline edition Winter 2009 Newsletter 33 Support Groups edition Autumn 2009 Newsletter 32 Getting Through the Holidays edition.These are constantly operating and, when the button is pushed, the answer is instantly known.See the other articles here: 15 things you should know about Australias love affair with pokies.