saboteur card game rules

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At that point the good dwarves couldn't quite make it back to the correct one with the pieces available, but it would have been a trivial correction in a standard game.
Or am I alone?
I like the artwork on short deck holdem the cards - the artwork on the Saboteur cards especially makes me smile, as the dwarf gleefully and dementedly is sabotaging the operation.The theme of the game involves a bunch of dwarves who are digging for treasure (shocking!) However, some of them are greedier than the rest and want to sabotage this noble project, keeping the gold for themselves.A game is composed of three such rounds, so the majority of the players have a chance at playing both roles.If the saboteurs won, they get three nuggets worth of gold.So I asked if she wanted to play anything else, and the answer was no - she was eager to finish the game.This gives the game a bit of a "Werewolf" feel, and one that I think will cause it to be around a while.After doing this once, people learn quickly, so perhaps a learning round should always be played with new people.Cards should all be placed vertically.

One of my friends from Origins insisted that the Saboteur never won - I've seen them win more often than not in my groups.
At this point, the good dwarves win the round (the treasure was found or the saboteurs (the treasure was not found, and the deck ran out).
They may play a repair card on themselves or another player.I won't go as far as to say that Saboteur is a "must-own" game, but I can't think of too many reasons NOT to own.Through extensive research, we bring everything you need to know about board games.Action cards can also be used to block other cards depending on the gamers' opinions.Roles: If the saboteurs reveal themselves too early, they will easily be stopped by the other players, as I found out in my first game.The game should be set up where the mine entrance card is separated by seven cards from the middle treasure card, and the other two treasure cards are either above or below, separated by one card each.Since the good dwarf who connects the final card gets more gold than anyone else (probably then all the good dwarves will want to be that person; and some contention may occur.

We unanimously agree so far that this has led to some extremely fun games - the wider board gives more space to improvise, but punishes good dwarves who dig all the way to the wrong treasure card.