slot conveyor

DW200 40'-0" 11'-0 dS220, dW220 44'-0" 12'-0 dS240, dW240 48'-0" 13'-0 dS260, dW260 52'-0" 14'-0".
The previous system consisted of a floor mounted slot machine free play 9300 conveyor with spindle trolley carts.
Each configuration can be expanded or modified as your needs change.
Slat conveyors are very useful for handling heavy loads of heated materials.
Along with providing excellent stability, this also ensured that the chain bearings had protection from paint over-spray and debris.Model DS (Aluminum Upper and Lower Frames) model DW (Aluminum Upper and Nylon Lower Frames).Slat conveyor systems may also install moving sidewalks upon request so the employee can move with the assembled product for a more lotto u efficient production.PAC-MAX enclosed track conveyor was selected for this installation. .DS has 10 slot cast aluminum upper and lower frame, 12" width.Slat and conveyor chains are used in the following industries.The PAC-MAX conveyor offered numerous efficiencies for this paint finishing operation.

PAC-MAX, conveyor System replaces the typical spindle / chain-on-edge conveyor.
Around tight curves there is an increased possibility of the trolley cart jamming in the guide track.
Choosing the right conveyor to move automotive parts or any other part through paint finishing operations requires careful consideration and must take into account a host of issues such as: Weight and size of the product.
The slats are either of wood or flanged metal.
The PAC-MAX has been proven time and again to deliver a high degree of stability even when carrying heavy parts above the track for clean paint lines such as this auto parts finishing operation."Y" Elev "Z1" Elev "Z2" Elev, dS 8'-2" 7'-2" 3'-7" 5'-0 dW 8'-10" 7'-10" 3'-11" 5'-3 conveyor Model.Type of carrier or holder for the part.The Double Deck Stor-U-Veyor provides double capacity for shirts, pants or other garments.The DS model has 12" wide, 10 slot cast aluminum upper and lower frames with fixed drop rod every 2 frames.Designed, produced, and serviced by the worldwide leader in belting, the Habachain range offers top-class innovation and quality combined with excellent reliability and cost-efficiency.Custom carriers that could be manually or automatically rotated would be designed handheld slot machine game goldfish to hold the plastic parts and transport them from the wet spray operation through to the drying and curing oven.