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Because it is a projecting point, which is like the tongue of a snake, slot game or stinger of an insect.
Allotropes are austenite, ferrite, martensite, and bainite, all existing (or not existing) because of proper (or improper) heat treating.
Pump by pulling lever on top of gun, up and back down.
When you make a comfortable fist, the musculature tends to push the middle fingers of the hand outward away from the palm, so this shape in the knife or tool handle is often more comfortable than a straight handle.
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Some contact wheels used in special operations have a lower durometer rating, like that of door weather stripping or an automobile tire.
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Alphabet Links integral This term usually refers to a knife that has been milled down from a very thick piece of stock, making the bolsters, guard, and/or fittings an integral part of the blade.
Will mean a smaller handle or one that needs to be backmilled or mounted to a lighter tang for proper balance.Two acrylic balls, usually about.5" in diameter connected with a string.The knife industry designated regular, machined cuts or cross-hatched patterns on the back of the spine of the knife to improve traction of the fingertips jimping.A critical point is that the three elements of chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium have the highest solubility in austenite, therefore they precipitate the highest volume of carbides.Plush bodies with hard rubber heads ranging in size from 7" to over 2 feet tall.In one older, dated text about knifemaking, the convex grind is described as "generally a sign of amateur or homemade work." This is quaint, but way off-base.

A good example are the ferrules tipped with sterling silver gallery wire at both ends of this sodalite gemstone handle of my Ariel dagger.