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Well, if youve been doing the whole gaming thing for years, youll know which review sites to go to, what developers and publishers produce the best stuff and what everyone is looking forward to playing.
Lego Marvel: Super Heroes (PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One).
Other selections A few sites have covered this area sho ka wa casino already.
Sonic the Hedgehog character, knuckles while"ng Ugandan action movies.What isnt so simple, is stopping.A game and a half, really.The latest football sim from Electronic Arts looks beautiful and with its four-player mode (two on each team) its a great one to load up when sport-loving friends come over.Its a functioning laundromat with regular self-serve hours, drop off service, and even free Wi-Fi while you wait.Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, naughty Dog, the stand-alone expansion.Either way, people know this franchise, people ask for it when you bust out any.If nothing else, it proved that the series has legs even without its wise-cracking protagonist.And it has serious appeal outside of your typical gamer base.Still, what a blast!So how are you supposed to work out what to play?Than Barcade is the social gaming spot for you.

We heard the Xbox version was getting remastered for Xbox One (just kidding, dont believe us, we arent telling the truth).
And with good reason.
Stanley Parable (PC, Mac) One of the most unusual and inventive games of the decade is effectively a surreal exploration of what games are, and what their conventions mean.
Excellent combat and world-building, really cool camera/perspective changes, and just an overall really amazing action game absolutely steeped in innovative design and fascinating storytelling.Regardless of what the yay- and nay-sayers say, lets look at this list!There are 11 'Bronze' entries, 6 'Silver' entries, 3 'Gold' entries and, well, just one Game of the Year.After a visit to the Nintendo Store in Midtown, its easy to understand why Nintendo is still slaying.A game steeped in atmosphere and filled with great exploration and puzzle-solving, Prey pressed all the right buttons for.Spelunky (PC, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One) An indie platform game that rebuilds its levels every time you play, offering an inexhaustible challenge.Current games include Guardians of the Galaxy, The Twilight Zone, and AC/DC: Back in Black.Not so much on the Dreamcast (RIP sega systems).Nidhogg (Mac, PC, PS4, PC Vita) A ridiculously competitive sword-fighting game, where players battle to reach the others base area in a series of quick, stabby encounters.